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Tether of Shame


You know, sometimes the Hu-mom and I are not on the same page. Or maybe I just want to help a little too much, as was the case today. Hu-mom took a break from wrapping presents to get a cup of coffee. I decided to help by shredding a new roll of paper and unwrapping a few wrapped presents. She was not amused and I got the Tether of Shame before 9 a.m.

That was totally worth it!

But after wrapping, Hu-mom did NOT let me off the Tether of Shame. No, she left me there while she was cleaning the room and cutting fabric. So I told her off. LOUDLY. And gave her very dirty looks.

Is the disgusted look working?

When back talking and dirty looks didn’t work, I tried sulking.

Trying My Boy’s teenage sulk act

In the end, I just had to wait it out a bit longer until Hu-mom was finished.





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