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Surprise Delivery

Got Barkbox?

I got a surprise delivery today from Barkbox. Apparently, Hu-mom ordered me some of those yummy smoked beef bone slices I loved so much in November’s box! I love Barkbox!

Love all mail from Barkbox


I decided I wouldn’t let Hu-mom just pack away the box for later. I let her know I really wanted to keep the box today.

You weren’t planning on taking this, were you?


I stated my case loud and clear. Did I mention LOUD and clear? So she let me open the box and see what was inside.

What do we have here?

A bit of whimpering, some sighing, and a slew of tricks later, she let me have one.

Oh man, this is gooooood

Note: Hu-mom did remove the wrapper, after I chose which on I wanted.


Maybe I won’t create too much mischief today, I did get this excellent bone after all.

Go create some mischief for me!



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