Surprise Delivery

Got Barkbox?

I got a surprise delivery today from Barkbox. Apparently, Hu-mom ordered me some of those yummy smoked beef bone slices I loved so much in November’s box! I love Barkbox!

Love all mail from Barkbox


I decided I wouldn’t let Hu-mom just pack away the box for later. I let her know I really wanted to keep the box today.

You weren’t planning on taking this, were you?


I stated my case loud and clear. Did I mention LOUD and clear? So she let me open the box and see what was inside.

What do we have here?

A bit of whimpering, some sighing, and a slew of tricks later, she let me have one.

Oh man, this is gooooood

Note: Hu-mom did remove the wrapper, after I chose which on I wanted.


Maybe I won’t create too much mischief today, I did get this excellent bone after all.

Go create some mischief for me!



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Tether of Shame


You know, sometimes the Hu-mom and I are not on the same page. Or maybe I just want to help a little too much, as was the case today. Hu-mom took a break from wrapping presents to get a cup of coffee. I decided to help by shredding a new roll of paper and unwrapping a few wrapped presents. She was not amused and I got the Tether of Shame before 9 a.m. Read more

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Jolly Good Day


It’s Super Saturday! Things started out typical and boring with me begging for a hike.


As usual, the answer was “no, but we can play ball and Jolly Egg”. Did you say Jolly Egg?


She did say Jolly Egg. I love herding the Jolly Egg.


Hu-mom, even when we can’t hike, I love you and you make me happy!


It’s still early in the day, which means I have time to create mischief yet!

Have a Super Saturday friends, and go enjoy some mischief!

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The Queen Claimeth

I Claim Thee as Mine

I Claim Thee as Mine

Good day my friends! Today, the Hu-mom got a package. It smelled yummy. I claimed it. Well, I tried, but Hu-mom was having nothing to do with that. She said I got my own package.


Mine Doesn't Look as Big as Yours

Mine Doesn’t Look as Big as Yours

Great things come in smaller packages, so I opted for my Barkbox.  As you know, I LOVE getting my Barkbox, and this month did not disappoint!



Awesome Toys and Snacks


I think Hu-mom was happy my Barkbox came, as it kept me out of trouble today.

Go make some mischief for me,



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Welcome to My New Blog Page




Hello friends and welcome to my new blog. I have been working hard to tie all my social media together. You can now follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or just my blog. I may be a super smart Aussie, but there is a steep learning curve for setting up and managing all my social media, so  please be patient with me over the next week or two. Computers, after all, are not normally a 4-legged’s forte!

I have a lot of great things planned over the winter that I am pretty excited about (don’t tell Hu-mom, she might not like all of them).  Follow along and enjoy my antics!

Now, go create a little mischief of your own and have a great day.





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