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Happy New Years’s Day


Greeting friends! I stayed up until 3 am with the Hu-mom on New Year’s eve. That means I slept most of today and didn’t cause too much mischief. I did, however, help Hu-Mom sort out my Christmas and winter bandanas. I had to get up on the chair to get her attention.

    Don’t you notice me?

I decided she needed some exercise and started dropping bandanas on the floor.

Let’s mix them up as I drop them

She tired quickly, lazy girl. So I let her off the hook and just sat, er somewhat quietly, while she finished ironing my pretties.

Glad you are prepping my pretties

Yes, that is the full extent of my mischief today. I am just party pooped out!

There’s still some time for YOU my friends to make some New Year’s Day mischief!



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