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A Year’s End


I can’t believe 2016 is over! It was a long and rough year on the Humans, but I did my best to keep them lively and laughing.

I didn’t get to work on title work so much this year, though I did earn my first Trail Dog title.

I did rock the photo comps with around 100 placings! They should have all been 1st, because I am that great. Unfortunately, Hu-mom’s photography isn’t up to my posing! Hope she improves this year.


I took a LOOOONG road trip from Washington D.C. to Sedona AZ and back. That meant lots of cool geocaches and new trails. I even hiked in the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest and the Sedona Red Rocks!

Grand Canyon




Hu-Mom’s injured feet/ankles have held us back the past few months, but we are really looking fwd to a bright new 2017!

One day we will hike again

My New Year’s resolution is to write my blog daily and cause as much mischief as possible. What’s your plans for the new year?


Happy New Year’s my friends and hope you cause a bunch of mischief tonight!


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